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How to Check for Triple (3) Layer Water Tank in India , Before you Buy ?

When as a Customer , you want to buy the Best Water Tank in India, is recommended to Buy Triple Layer Water Tanks.

Most of the Renowned Water Tank Manufacturing Companies in India Like LEADER Water Tanks, SINTEX Water Tanks, PLASTO Water Tanks, SHAKTI Water Tanks are Advertising & Promoting as Triple Layer Water Tanks.

While the Companies know that How many Layers of Plastic they have used in the Manufacturing process of Water Tanks, the Customer /Home Owner and Even the Water Tank Dealer is Not aware of it.  Many Companies May Fool You by giving only TWO Layer or Even Single Layer Water Tank in the Name of Triple Layer.

So How You as a Customer or Dealer know how many Layers is the Water Tank before Purchasing it , in India? 

The Answer is very Simple , that is to Look for the Layers inside the Water Tank. Just open the Water Tank Lid and Look Out for the Edges and You will understand the number of Layers used in the Water Tank.

Like in this Image , its the Inner Rim of the LEADER WATER TANK showing the Three Color Layers clearly differentiated.
How to Identify Leader Sintex Shakti Plasto Triple(3) Layer Plastic Water Storage Tank in India
How To Know Triple Layer Water Tank. INDIA

Once you get Confirmed by the Above Mentioned Simple idea to identify a Water Tank with the Number of Layers in it You can Also Check the Best Ways you can Buy a Water Storage Tanks in India. 

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