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Plastic Water Tank Price List (Updated January 2024)

Here is the Plastic Water tank Price list updated for the year 2024 specifically for the North and South Region of GOA, INDIA.

Plastic Water Tank Price List Goa 2024 updated

4 Layer Plastic Water Tank Price List Goa 2024 updated

The Water tank Price is from the Manufacturer and the Dealer of the Leader Water Tank Brand in India. Also All the Water Tank you Purchase / Order Online in 2024, is with a 10 Year Warranty. 

As Always it is Best to Buy Water Tank from Branded and trustable Manufacturers like the LEADER brand here in Goa, India.

All Prices are for the Triple Layer Best Quality Virgin Plastic as well as Four (4) layer Premium Water Tanks.

 The Price is Applicable for Goa state in India and there are Free delivery Options available if You Book or Request Online here.

Listed are the year 2021 Price List For Triple Layer Water Tank in India, Specially for the State of Goa by Leader Brand is Listed Below. 

You may or may not require a Water Purifier or a Water Filter, depending on the quality of water you store in the Tanks. 

There are many good reasons to use Water purifiers for drinking purposes. Now you can find many best Water Purifier brands using Copper and Minerals in RO water, and it's best to Protect your Family.

Best Plastic Water Tank Price 500 Liter to 10,000 litter

Most trusted best Quality Water Tanks in Goa - Leader Water tank
When we say Best Plastic: it means Pure Virgin Plastic, which is food grade and long-lasting. Not only the Plastic material is the best, but to Comply with the best Design We have built one of India's Best Designed Water Tanks that is great for Roof Top Storage as well as in Saline Environments for Years and Years without any Quality Loss. 

We are thankful to CAD-CAM CENTRE Goa, for the Robust Solid Ergonomics Strong Design of both Triple Layer (3 Layer) as well as 4 Layer Water tank  

The New Updated Price List of Triple Layer Water Tanks (mostly Required for Rooftop by Home Owners, Hotels, Hospitals, and Shops) in the capacity of 500 Liters to 10000 Liters. 

Buy here Plastic Water Tank BOOK ONLINE 
Online Order Plastic Water Tank Best Price goa India

The Free Delivery Service is Also Applicable to the Whole of Goa, India, 
Leader Water Tank Price List including Free Delivery in Goa, India
lorry transport of Plastic Water tank to Customer in Goa

The Updated Price for the Triple Layer (3L) Water Tank as on October 2021 onward

Four(4) Layer Premium Water Tank Price List for 1000 Ltr(Liter) Capacity is Rs. 8000/-

The Updated Price list for the Four Layer (4L) Water Tank starting from  January 2024 onward till the Year 2022 is given below. You can Also Order online, for South Goa and North Goa. 

Also, the Triple Layer Water Tanks Come with a 7 Year Warranty as well as the Premium Four Layer Water tanks from Leader Brand Come with a 10 Year Warranty.

4 layer -3 layer water tank 10 years warranty goa