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How to Choose the Best Water Tanks in India ?

Water is essential for Life and its storage is a need of time. Here in this Step by Step Guide We focus on How You can Choose the Best Water Tank (RoofTop / Plastic Water Tanks ) in India.

To Choose the Best Available Plastic (PVC) Water Storage Tanks in India , One has to check for the Following :

  1. Material Used in Manufacturing the Water Tanks -  like Whether it's made out of Pure Virgin Plastic or of the Scrap and Residual Plastics ?  Choose the Pure Virgin Plastic as its Safe , Durable (Lasts 10+  years), and Do not damages in the Sun & Rains. You can Order Online - at Goa India for Pure Plastic Water Tank at this Link  .
  2. Warranty Period :  Do choose the Maximum Warranty Period that the Manufacturer Provides. the More the Warranty , you get More Trust over its use of Material.  Frefer for long lasting Warranty Like “Leader Water Tank that Extends it to 10 years for 5000 Litre and 7 Years for other sizes as mentioned Below “.
  3. How Many Layers (Triple Layer is Best):  Choose Triple Layer Water Tanks as it comes with Sun Protection through the UV- Radiation Layer and Inner Layer for Food Grade Plastics, that makes it safe for Drinking Water.  Please see the Image of the Water Tank Cap to Verify . As seen from Inside of Leader Water Tank you can Clearly see three color layers . and on the Outer side of the Water Tank - the 3 Layers is Mentioned Clearly. 
  4. Home Delivery (Free or Paid):  As the Water Tanks are of Big Sizes , its not very easy for the Customers like you , to take the Delivery . The Delivery cost Lot of extra money and time consuming too. It's best if you can get the Delivery at your Home Installation , or Hotel , or Hospital, Or School , or College, or Restaurant etc.

Choose from Best Water Storage Tanks in India
Ordering For the Best Pure Plastic Water Storage Tanks from Leader Water Tanks makes your Life much easier and relaxing.

Just Visit the nearest Leader Water Tank Dealer or Order the Same Online here, to get the Free Delivery Service , anywhere in Goa or For Bulk Orders anywhere in India (Specially for Dealers)